ENGL CH-10 Chorus Pedal with Two Patch Cables

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If you are looking for some great chorus sounds you should definitely try out the ENGL CH-10 Chorus pedal. With included controls for speed, depth, detune and vibr/chor, you will find every sound that you desire.

Like other ENGL pedals, the CH-10 Chorus includes a SCS connector, which can be used to connect several Engl pedals together via the PB-4 and PB-6 pedalboards. All the tone, none of the tangled cables. 

Controls: Pedal Switch, Speed, Depth, Detune, Vibr/Chor Switch

Indicator: Check Indicator

Jacks: Input, Output, AC Adaptor, SCS connector

Input Impedance: 470 kOhm

Output Impedance: 470 Ohm

Recommended Load Impedance: 10 kOhm or greater

Power supply: DC 9V; Dry Battery (9V type)

Current Draw: 10 mA

True Bypass: Included

Made in Russia