Updating the HeadRush Firmware Part 1


If you own a HeadRush and haven't updated the firmware yet, you might be missing out on some great new features, including new effects, amps, and functionality. In this VLOG, ThePedalGuy shows you how to update the firmware and demonstrates the new amp/effects. 

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  • David Hallowell on

    i just bought a used Headrush pedalboard – but the firmware (v 1.19) seems to be a problem for the newest v 2.1.1 updater on the Mac. I have the pedalboard in Firmware update mode, and USB carefully connected (no hubs, tried both native macbook ports) … but the updater says “Headrush Pedalboard Not Detected”
    I wonder if I need an intermediate firmware to make the path to the latest. Where would I get that …?

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